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About Us

Promoting, supporting and expanding the arts as an integral aspect of community life in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Allie Cespiva

Alexandra is a recent Historic Preservation graduate. Looking to pursue a career in planning or building chronology. Hobbies include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Slightly obsessed with brick dust. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.

Alison Cramer

Alison has a BA in Historic Preservation and Business Administration. Enjoys long walks down the beach and through the bookstore. Likely to be found covered in dirt and mud at an archaeology site.

Chesley De Leon

Chesley is a recent graduate from UMW where she obtained her B.A. in Historic Preservation. As an aspiring architect, she has an eye for design and enjoys creating something out of nothing. Her interests include going on adventures, laughing at everything, and eating people’s leftovers.

Janaye Evans

Janaye is a recent graduate from UMW where she achieved a B.A in Historic Preservation and a minor in Urban Studies. When Janaye is not working you can find her attempting to reach Gold Card status at Starbucks.

Nicole Paladeau

Nicole has a BA in Historic Preservation and French. Her PhD diploma in HGTV Studies got lost in the mail. Her interests include dancing, teaching, and thinking about cooking then going to Panera instead. She will leave you with a quote: “It’s a town full of losers, and I’m pulling out of here to win.” ― Bruce Springsteen

Melissa Parent

Melissa is a recent graduate of the school of hard knocks. Her hobbies include long walks off short piers and screening lost episodes of Headbanger’s Ball in her mom’s basement. Her favorite dinosaur is the thesaurus. She currently resides in a pineapple under the sea.

Lauren Preaskorn

Lauren got her BA in Historic Preservation with a minor in French because Latin is dead. She is a Virgo who enjoys art up to the naturalist period, reading alone in bars and complaining about youths. Her hobbies include talking about attractive men, griping about birds, and drinking chai tea and reading on rainy days.

Victoria Sheil

Victoria has a B.S. in Economics. She spends most of her time riding horses and stressing about responsibilities she is ignoring. However, she always gets her work done so worry not potential employers. Her skills include website design and baking.

Kellyn Staneart

Kellyn has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Historic Preservation and is an expert in all things High School Musical. Her hobbies include going to bars, running, and hanging out with her dogs Lilo and Stitch. She aspires to work in a museum or may just stay a swim coach the rest of her life. As Drake once said, “last name ever, first name greatest.”

Andrea Livi Smith

Smith, pictured here in high school, is the professor for this course/project. She hasn’t aged a day.

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