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Work in Progress

Murals and Mosaics


Fredericksburg did not have a recorded collection of public art within the district. The map to the right displays existing locations. We had two goals, to create a catalog of existing public art and to present locations where public art could be added.

Current Public Art

Next Steps

Fredericksburg has several murals within the art district but has the potential for more. We believe public art can also expand to mosaics including benches that could be placed around the arts district. Both murals and mosaics present opportunities to engage the local community. Mosaic benches are a great addition to public art due to their durability and relatively cheap costs. The map to the right shows the best surveyed bench locations.

Potential Mosaic Benches

Freddy the Fox


During the compilation of arts resources the group decided that there should be some form of branding, a way for locals and tourists alike to recognize businesses associated with the arts in Fredericksburg.  We decided that a mascot would be a good way to make the arts district more visible.  We also wanted the mascot to connect with kids and guide them through the arts district. All team members came in with several artistic concepts for mascots, and soon narrowed the choice down to Freddy the Fox - so named for Fredericksburg.  We then began the process of designing him as a logo for branding purposes and brainstorming ways in which we could implement his image around the district.

Freddy: the Process

We wanted to keep Freddy very simple artistically, a design that would travel well between print and online use.  He was created using minimal lines and colors.  After a discussion with Anne Glave from Main Street Inc. and learning that they were beginning a branding campaign for Fredericksburg, we decided to align ourselves with their campaign for cohesiveness in the hope that Freddy would be readily accepted and easily incorporated into the much larger promotion of Fredericksburg. Using one of their branding medallions, we incorporated Freddy into it. The final version of our logo is available for download: Freddy the Fox Arts District Logo

Next Steps

Freddy's image could be incorporated in several manners:
  • Sculpture-  The next steps for Freddy are ideally to have him as an installation throughout Downtown Fredericksburg's Art District. Much like the panda in Washington DC, we hope to see Freddy represented as a statue with multiple renditions and edits to his original silhouette. This concept would enable local artists to engage with the public through the creation of the sculptures.  The sculptures can then be used to promote the city and the artists via social media wherein people can take their photo with any of the Freddy’s and hashtag #LoveFXBG to promote the area via viral campaigns. 
  • Passport- The passport concept is a way to get people proactive about the arts district.  Freddy logos will be placed at business around the district that incorporate art, but are not necessarily well known as “art spaces.”  The passports can then be stamped at each of these sites in a “collect them all” campaign.

Pallet Parks


Pallet Parks allow for locals to enjoy the outdoors of Fredericksburg in a creative manner. Inspired by “Parking Day”, Pallet Parks is a creative idea where local businesses or residents decorate a parking space by using pallets in various ways. The picture to the rights shows how this concept has been applied in the past. Parking spaces can be transformed into relaxing stations with lots of seating, or fun areas for the family. Each parking space will have easily movable and creative pieces made of pallets.Using pallets makes the event practical, easy to assemble and easy to take apart. Pallet Parks is a great event to encourage tourists and locals to visit downtown. Traffic does not have to be closed off for the event, but pedestrians have all the space of sidewalks and the participating parking spots encouraging larger crowds that other downtown events do not have the space for.


Pallet Parks would first have to be approved by the city. Each parking spot decorated for Pallet Parks should have their own “theme”. Each spot should also possess pieces created out of wooden pallets, with barriers of the parking spot easily defined and blocked off for safety purposes. Within each parking spot, visitors can sit and enjoy the weather, play games, or be creative and make their own art. Contents within the parking spot should be easily transportable and simple to assemble within the parking spot.

Next Steps

Attached are several instructions to assemble a variety of pallet projects

Coffee Table: download

Stool: download

Lounger: download

Sofa: download

Bench: download

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